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Artisans Créateurs

A propos


Artisans Créateurs was born from the desire to propose a choice of unique objects, made by exceptional arts craftmen.

At the source of this project conceived and carried out by Agnès Leroy, is her love for decoration and objects made of noble materials, but also her desire to present and make known the traditional skills kept alive by these artisans.

Agnès Leroy met these crafts people whose skills she admires. It’s because of her admiration for their power to magnify the raw material, wood, copper or wicker, that was born the desire to make their work known and to highlight their creations.

Artisans créateurs proposes a new vision of design and art of living. A personal vision insisting on the unicity of each product, whether it is made by the piece or ordered specificaly for the shop as an original model.

Each object is the result of a work mingling a secular creativity and the know how of its maker, while perpetuating a tradition and extending it to your home.